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From My Dear Client Angela-

I bought a little (1,048 Sq. feet) fixer-upper in Pine Lake, GA. Closed yesterday with the help of my fantastic Agent and Elizabeth Washburn (New Threshold Mortgage Company).  These women are not just excellent business professionals, but FRIENDS who I trusted, felt comfortable with and enjoyed throughout the entire process.  I knew they were looking out for me and I just never had a worry or an anxious moment.  They will both be at the first BIG party at my little house as soon as I am able to get this little jewel of a house up to speed.

 My first day working at the house I met my new neighbor who has so many things hanging from his porch (art and things) it is hard to even see the door.  I walked over and said, "Hi, I am your new neighbor!"  He shook my hand looked me in the eye and said HI--then said, "well I don't know what you think about all this stuff".  I promptly said, "I LOVE it!"  Then, with a big smile on his face he invited me inside to see more art.  He tells me that love and compassion are the only things that really matter and added I know you get that!  As he is explaining and describing all of his art, which he mostly found at the thrift store and I  am just amazed at his keen eye and just how much he has in this little apartment!  He bends down at one point and picks up a native American sand drawing and says he feels compelled to give this to me.  I am touched and thank him profusely.  As we part and I go back to my little house across the street, he says he is happy that we got to meet at this point in our journeys and then flings his arms open and says, "Welcome to Pine Lake!"  I'm feeling right at home!

Posted by Elizabeth Washburn on April 29th, 2017 9:59 AM
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