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August 23rd, 2019 2:42 AM by Elizabeth Washburn


REFINANCE BLUES- adj- The feeling you have when you know you need to refinance, but you are dreading the cost and the process involved.

REFINANCE GREENS - adj - The color of your wallet and your friend's faces when they know you are done with your home refinance.

This year will be one to remember!  Rates hit in the 3's again, and lenders have come a long way in driving down closing costs too! It is very exciting!! 

We may be able to WAIVE the appraisal.  Ask me to check your GA property for eligibility. That's nearly $500 in savings!  "YES WE CAN!"

We have access to Simple Refinance Closings.  Ask me to use my closer if you are open to the option of where you close for $500-700 in savings.  "YES WE CAN!"

If you don't want to wait 5-7 days for someone to underwrite your file, so you need an extremely long lock and months to get this done, let me know.  "YES WE CAN!"

Does this Blog look obnoxious?  YES IT DOES!  But so is refinancing so lets just get it done!!

Call me/ Text me / Email me if your ready to do a quick crunch of the numbers and get the savings started!  678-467-2330 

(If you already know what you generally want, go ahead and text "showmethemoney" to 36260 :)  

The more you follow the automated application process, the more the savings are passed on to YOU! Apply from your phone!

(Georgia only)

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Posted by Elizabeth Washburn on August 23rd, 2019 2:42 AM

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